Home made lime pickle

It’s impossible to have the perfect curry experience without a good pickle or chutney. It’s a very personal thing, and every Indian grocer will want to foist their preference on you. One thing’s for certain – it needs to be spicy and salty to act as a seasoning for your curries, yoghurts, or breads. It […]

My perfect carbonara

This is not a traditional carbonara. But after years of trial and error, multiple recipes and many arguments I am finally happy with my take. Serves two 2 egg yolks An eschallot 200g high quality bacon or speck Salt, pepper A whole clove of garlic Parsley 250g (half a packet) fettucine Place a pot of […]

36 Hour Sous Vide Pork Belly

After our initial success with cooking all sorts of meat sous vide, it was time for something more ambitious – slow cooked sous vide pork belly. There are a few sous vide pork belly recipes out there but as we had all weekend I decided to try Heston Blumenthal’s 36 hour version. It actually took more […]

Sous Vide Pork Fillet with Kale and Apple Slaw

Cooking sous vide is amazing. It feels like a scientific experiment. Cooking in plastic bags feels like something you might do on a spaceship. This used to be a technique used mainly in restaurants, but you can get quite cheap domestic machines now that sous vide cooking is increasing in popularity. I’ve spent the  last […]

Eggplant and Tomato Salad

Our eggplants and tomatoes survived and thrived through the heatwave conditions in February and March and after a bumper crop we’ve now reached the end of the season. I went for a variety of heirloom tomatoes this year and it paid off. The big meaty oxhearts are mild and great for eating raw in a salad […]

Wild Rabbit Ragu

If you find a wild rabbit, preferably one that’s been skinned and butchered rather than hopping and burrowing, then wild rabbit ragu is a nice way to have it feed four people.  While farmed rabbits are bigger I haven’t found one with much taste.  I’ve seen wild rabbit for sale for as much as $30-40 […]