My perfect carbonara

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This is not a traditional carbonara. But after years of trial and error, multiple recipes and many arguments I am finally happy with my take.

Serves two

2 egg yolks
An eschallot
200g high quality bacon or speck
Salt, pepper
A whole clove of garlic
250g (half a packet) fettucine

Place a pot of water for the pasta on the stove with a generous handful of salt. This salty water will be used to season the dish.

Start frying the bacon. Put the pasta on to cook. Add the finely chopped eschallot and add a whole garlic clove to the pan with the bacon.

Just before the pasta is cooked collect half a cup of the cooking water. In a small bowl slowly add the hot water to the two egg yolks, whisking with a fork until combined.

Add the fried bacon and eschallot to the drained pasta (remove and discard the garlic) then stir through the egg mixture, almost whisking it to a very light froth. Add pepper to taste, and chopped parsley. You won’t need much salt because of the salty water.

An optional extra to make it even less traditional: add a very thinly sliced zucchini.

Serve immediately with a generous helping of good quality parmesan cheese.

My perfect carbonara

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