Burnt Eggplant on the Barbecue

Eggplants are my favourite vegetable. What’s better than an eggplant? They’re great in Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern food. You can slice them and throw them on the barbecue to accompany grilled meat, you can fry them up or you can throw them in a stew – and they’re hearty enough to make a meal […]

Coconut Coriander Chutney

Travelling in south India, coconut coriander chutney was my favourite of the many chutneys that would usually be served alongside every main course. At home, it is pretty easy to whip up a good coconut coriander chutney on the spot in the food processor and add a nice freshness to seafood dishes especially.  Half a cup of grated […]

Chickpea Yoghurt Salad

This chickpea yoghurt salad is a great hearty salad for a hot day. You can have it with another salad or a snack (like we did with the rava prawns) for a quick summer meal. 1 tin chickpeas 1 tbsp coconut oil or vegetable oil Tsp black mustard seeds Tsp cumin seeds Tsp fennel seeds […]

Goat Vindaloo

This is a classic marinade usually reserved for pork. I have made it a little differently here, using goat and giving it a longer marinade to offset the toughness of the meat. Vindaloo is normally served very hot – and that’s the way I like it – but it’s not all about the heat. A […]

Smoked Trout Spaghetti

Smoked trout spaghetti is a quick mid-week go to dinner.  I buy a vacuum sealed smoked trout and keep it in the fridge. Its great for breakfast on a bagel, lunch in a salad, on crackers as snack, or for dinner in this pasta.  I am always happy when I have some in the fridge. […]

Pakistani Osso Bucco

Being made from cow, osso bucco isn’t going to be found in many Indian restaurants or recipe books.  I had a distant memory of a beef shin dish at a dodgy Pakistani restaurant many years ago. Recalling only a nutty sauce and a big boney sinewy piece of cow leg I thought “THIS SHOULD BE […]