Root Vegetable Crumble

This recipe has been with me since I was a poor student when for one week all I ate was roasted veg, following a visit to a fruit and veg shop on Sunday afternoon as they approached closing time. I took home a large bag of greening potatoes and a large whole pumpkin. I experimented […]

Pani Puris at Home

(Pani being water and Puri being bread or snack) One of the highlights of travelling anywhere but especially in India is the street food.  Most people are a little concerned about the hygiene and dangers of getting sick from eating off the street.  Pani puri can be particularly problematic because as its names suggests it […]

Beef Cheeks

One of the cheapest cuts of meats going (these little beauties set me back $8 a kilo) beef cheeks can be great if you’ve got the time. They are full of sinew and muscle and are really everything you don’t want in a steak. Cutting them raw is like sawing through leather. They come into their own […]

Growing Chocolate Mint

A couple of weeks ago I received a small plastic sleeve of organic “chocolate mint”. It looked like any other normal mint but had a sweet chocolate smell. Not knowing what to do with two sprigs of chocolate mint – I thought I would experiment with making it into a cutting.  I striped off the […]

Chicken Korma

This is my go-to curry. It’s designed to please the fussiest of guests, even those who aren’t really big fans of Indian food. I like it served with breads and a vegetable subzi. Here, we had it with a matar paneer (peas and cheese curry). Serves 2 4 chicken lovely legs 1 tsp ground turmeric […]

Sirloin Steak with Cannellini Beans

Something amazing happens when a perfectly cooked steak sits on the same plate as this simple cannellini bean mixture.  It may not sound like anything special, but these are exactly the dishes I love, when the ingredients become so much more than what they are on their own.  That’s what cooking is all about.  Serves two 2 medium […]